Weightloss:Talking About Food

I’ve plateaued. At nearly three months postpartum I’ve not lost any more weight than I had a few weeks after the birth of my son. Meanwhile,  every time I get on Facebook my friends have been losing weight left and right.  I know I shouldn’t compare myself to anyone else- especially people who didn’t practically JUST have a baby- but it lit a fire under me to do something about it.

First I got on Pinterest. I set about to looking for healthy recipes that were easy and wouldn’t break the bank. I thought about what I actually like to eat. I found lots of yummy recipes to try out, now I just had to get them ready.

I started by prepping breakfasts. I’m not home a lot. At least three days a week I’m out so make ahead foods were crucial. I made yogurt bites and egg cups. Easy to take out of the freezer, pop in the microwave, and take on the go.


Next, I wrote out a meal plan for the month. That was pretty simple. I hate having the same thing for dinner every day so I didn’t want to go with traditional meal planning. I found a lot of chicken dishes online so I wouldn’t have to repeat meals. Luckily my husband loves chicken so it’s not hard to set that up. My favorite salad from Chik-Fil-A had chicken in it and making it at home is so much cheaper. Plus with the handy lunch packing gear I got from Minnow and Mars it’s that much easier to take it with me on the go!

Lastly-WATER! I’m bad about this honestly. I bought a Britta pitcher forever ago and I rarely remember to refill it, but I persevered. I went out and found a giant mug that keeps my water cold and holds one and a half liters. My best friend has lost crazy amounts of weight in the last two months drinking his weight in water so fingers crossed it works for me!

What helped you lose weight? Let me know in the comments below what worked for you!