June Income Report

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Why I’m sharing my income report?

To start off, I don’t know if this will become a regular thing for my blog. I love reading other people’s income reports. They really inspired me to start my own blog, but in the five months that I’ve been blogging they’re also taught me to be realistic about how much money I can make blogging.

Income for June- $80.16

  • Google AdSense-$.20 Now, I’m not sure if I can count this because the payout does’t happen until you hit $100. I’m working on getting my views up so I’ll get there hopefully sooner rather than later.
  • Ibotta- $22 I love Ibotta because I can use it whenever I’m going grocery shopping- which is weekly- or any time I have to go to any type of store really. They payout after you hit $20 so if you’re someone who shops a lot this is for you!
  • Sponsored post-$57.96 In actuality I made $60 but Pay Pal charges a fee to individuals being paid by companies, basically like taxes taken out. I actually didn’t find this through the usual avenues of sponsored posts but rather contacted a company about writing  about their site.

Expenses-$0 Because I’m not making a lot of money with my blog right now I’m not spending any on it except for the $3.95 per month that I prepaid through BlueHost

Blog Goals For July

  • Grow my social media: Originally I had very low expectations for growing my blogs social media but its growing! My Instagram is at just over 2,000, Pinterest is at just over 1,000, Twitter is almost at 400, and Facebook is at 300 and counting. I attribute so much of that growth to Facebook groups where I can share my blog posts with other like minded bloggers.
  • Reach 1,000 page views:My page views have steadily been at 500 each month. I’d really like to double that number and increase my reach.
  • Make $100:I’m applying for a lot of different sponsored posts this month so fingers crossed. I’m really looking forward to working with other brands and companies!

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