How I Stay Sane and Organized 

Keeping organized with a house full of people is hard work! Between my two little ones, my husband, our pets, and my side businesses my life is crazy.

My schedule is never the same two weeks in a row. We’re a one car family, so we’re constantly having to go over our weekly plans so we know who has the car when. As a result I have planners everywhere- on my phone, on my desk, and in my car. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t check those. (I’ve even tried linking our calendars, but it hasn’t helped.) One thing I know my husband will always look at though? Our fridge!

I was so excited to look out my door Friday morning to find my new dry erase calendar magnet. My husband instantaneously took notice; pointing out that he didn’t have class this week. Ha! I explained to him that it was a look at the week ahead. Hopefully this keeps us on track with our schedule and makes us better at keeping up with things.


What do you use to keep you stay organized?What helps you remember your schedule? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to try them!