Clothing For a Cause

I love shopping online. You can ask my husband. When I got my first job I blew alllllllll my money on clothes and things I saw online.  Now, as an adult, I still love shopping online but because I have kids I don’t buy as frivolously  as I used to.

I spend a lot of time window shopping in online stores. Amazon, Etsy, Instagram. I stumble upon some really cute things. For instance- Mom Life t-shirts. I’m a sucker for any type of shirt that helps identify to the world that I am the mom to the two little ones with me.

Featured, Mom Life tee. Also featured, baby slobber on said tee that comes from mom life.

While I was perusing Instagram the other day I came across Bash&Company. I instantly fell in love cause,  well, #momlife. As I clicked on the website link I found Mom Life, Dad Life,  Kid Life tee’s. The list goes on. What intrigued me the most about them though was the fact that they give 10% back from each purchase to a charity of your choice.

The owner of the shop, Jessica, knew she  wanted to give back, but she couldn’t pick just one to help.  She decided to focus on four- Feeding America,  Donors Choose, St. Baldrick’s Foundation, and Ronald McDonald House because of the impact they’ve had on her and her family in the past. I thought it was such a wonderful thing for her to give back to the foundations that once helped her.

Bash&Company has shirts for the entire family as well as jewlery! Soon they’ll be adding jewellery options, hats, bags, as well as other accessories. Check them out,  and help give back to some phenomenal causes!