Homeschool Preschool with the Kidloland App

Summer is ending, and with it the back to school ads and sales are coming out at full force. In this household though the only one going to school is my husband, but we’ll be homeschooling. I’m not sending my daughter to preschool this year. We moved thirty minutes from the preschool she attended last semester so we’re going to homeschool two days a week. The only problem is- I have no teaching background or experience so I knew we were going to have trouble setting up a curriculum for home.

 My first instinct was Pinterest for a homeschool curriculum. I also knew I wanted to look into learning apps for my daughter. We’re always on the go  so her tablet is one of the best tools I have for her to learn. I was trying to figure out what would be the best apps for her when I heard about Kidloland. Kidloland is a children’s learning app that offers multiple games and learning activities for kids. With this app I have been able to introduce my daughter to phonics, numbers, early leaning activities, and Christmas songs. (the Christmas games are her favorite thing in this app.) It’s been great getting a better idea of the things she already  knows, and the things we need to work on in the upcoming school year.

With Kidloland you can help your own child learn shapes, colors, and even their basic ABC’s. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to homeschool their littles. It’s a fantastic early learning app, that will stimulate your child’s mind. Who wouldn’t want that?