7 Things Young Parent’s are Tired of Hearing

I have been a mom for nearly four years now, and even after all this time I get a lot of commentary on myself, and my parenting. Here’s my list of things myself, and probably many others are tired of hearing.

  1. There’s no way those are your kids! I assure you,after twenty months of draining pregnancy, and a combined thirteen hours of labor they are mine. My oldest may be half my height, but she’s mine.
  2. I bet your family helps out a lot. Well, while my mother was gracious enough to let me live in her house for the first year of my daughter’s life I don’t actually get that much help. I’m a stay at home mom so until my husband comes home it’s all on me.
  3. I couldn’t do that at your age. You could, if you had to. Being a parent is a decision you make the day that test goes positive, you either make it work, or you flounder. I chose to make it work.
  4. All these babies having babies. I’m not a baby. Yes, I was young when I started my family, but I was old enough to know the consequences of my actions unlike a child.
  5. Why get married so young? Couldn’t you wait? Yeah, I could’ve waited to get married, we didn’t want to. I knew I wanted to marry my husband before our kids ever came into the equation, so when we got married nearly a year after our daughter’s birth it felt like we had waited too long already.
  6. Most teen parents don’t stay together. Most young marriages end in divorce. I know that the statistics aren’t on our side, but we’ve been together nearly six years already and I’m not sick of him yet. I plan on loving him long into our old age.
  7. How old are you anyway? Twenty-two, not that it’s anyone’s business. I don’t look it. I constantly get carded, and asked if I’m the babysitter. I’m not though. I am a full fledged wife and mother of two, and it’s something I’m extremely proud of.